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  1. AnnaJolanta pisze:

    Piękne miejsce, dziękuję za możliwość zobaczenia Porto. Pozdrawiam z Polski 🙂

  2. Isadeg pisze:

    Hola Ivadis todo muy bonito, no que te piensas es negativo mi noticia. Fotografias muy ambientne. La biblioteca me he visto en televisione de alemana.

  3. malby pisze:

    Ivadis, thank you for very interesting article and wonderful photos. As I can see, Porto is picturesque, beuatiful city and I hope, that I will go sightseeing it sometime 🙂 Warm greetings, Maggie.

    • ivadis pisze:

      You are a very nice Malby I have been still your photos great, and I am charmed with them, for the type of photos and cities that you like I believe that you would enjoy very much visiting I carry and catching sensations across your lens.

      • ivadis pisze:

        Hi Malby , the stupid traslator , traslate I Carry for the Name PORTO , I´m sorry.

      • admin pisze:

        I think it would be better to to remove „Google translator” from the FotoReporter’s web page… Someone could think we are „funny” people 😉 🙂 🙂

      • ivadis pisze:

        Dear Admin I wait that great people think that you are an enterteining people… I think it.
        Formal and correct but very enterteining.
        I do not use the translator of Google, use REVERSO and for the Pole BABYLON.
        I am satisfied enough by them, but not if you might use them.

      • admin pisze:

        Thank you Ivadis for suggestions. This plugin – „Global translator” – gives me the choise between Google translator ,Prompt online,Altavista Babel Fish and Free Translator. I have to look for other solution.

      • admin pisze:

        I’ve found Babylon translator and I’ve installed it on my desktop but I didn’t find any info how to install on the webpage. For now I put the links only. Greetings from Poland 🙂

  4. jokato pisze:

    Świetny artykuł, super zdjęcia i tylko tęsknota za…dużo większa:) Może kiedyś 🙂

  5. isadeg pisze:

    Tak się domysliłam, że to Portugalia po napisach. Bardzo nastrojowe zdjęcia. A o tej Bibliotece widziałam film w TV.

    • ivadis pisze:

      Dear Isabella , the traslation polish-spanish of your comment is impossible with my traslator. I think you say you see the bookshop in a Polish TV. is correct?

      • admin pisze:

        Eh, Ivadis. Stupid translator. It translated: Así que supuse que se trataba de Portugal en las inscripciones. Bardzo nastrojowe zdjęcia. Fotos muy mal humor. A o tej Bibliotece widziałam film w TV. La Biblioteca del video que vi en la televisión.

        Bardzo nastrojowe zdjęcia. – it means very good atmosphere, vibe, etc.
        Fotos muy mal humor – sounds negative.

        What to do?
        The most important: you undertood Isa’s comment well 😉

  6. JBB pisze:

    After reading the story of this beautiful city I feel that my soul wants to fly.. I like very much such poetic description like about Porto’s inhabitants clothes ;)”… flags of their own freedom…”. Great!

    I am not sure if I could eat TRIPAS „made of cow stomachs and beans” but BACALHAU A GOMES SÁ („a rich but cheap dish made of bits of cod mixed with potato, eggs and olives, a sort of salad”) seems to be very tasty 😉

    Hot greetings from cold (again) Poland.

    • ivadis pisze:

      Hi Janina you and Isa are welcome always to Porto . If you trip any day at Porto I Invite eat at the best BACALHAU A GOMES SÁ in the portuguese world.

  7. ivadis pisze:

    Dear administrator the tag correct is Portugal-PORTO not Spain.

  8. admin pisze:

    Thank you Ivadis for the big dose of sunshine!!! I have to postpone the reading of the article for tomorrow 🙁

    Good Night! (01:44)

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