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  1. AnnaJolanta pisze:

    Dziękuję za przybliżenie swojego pięknego kraju! Pozdrawiam, Anna

  2. jokato pisze:

    Niesamowicie piękna bajka:)

  3. Dear towerers, thank you all for this warming welcome. I seem to have landed in a good company.

  4. millotaurus pisze:

    fantastic…almost incredible landscapes…I am afraid, that Iceland begin to become my dream…:-)

    Congratulations !!!

  5. malby pisze:

    Very interesting text and absolutely amazing photos, Smari. As I see, your country is wild, but very picturesque. Monumental mountains, wonderful fjords, beautiful buildings and terrific auroras make fantastic mood and atmosphere. I belive, that your life on this island is hard, but very interesting. Greetings from Lodz 🙂

  6. JBB pisze:

    Hard to believe but the existence of Iceland as a country we owe to the group of 311058 inhabitants who live there who have decided to work there and survive. I hope to visit this amazing island before the last man ( I mean you – Smári ) decides to leave forever…

    Ómar Smári Kristinsson, thank you for sharing your impressive gallery. Your photographies show me you love your wild island very much. 🙂
    I understand why…

  7. azereb pisze:

    Frábærar myndir. Áhugavert texta. Þakka þér fyrir að færa þetta fjarlæga stað. Ég fagna cordially.

    Świetne zdjęcia. Interesujący tekst. Dziekuję za przybliżenie tego odległego miejsca. Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

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